Q: When and Where can I purchase tickets?

A: Tickets for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday headliner performances, held at the Buena Performing Arts Center, may be purchased prior to each performance that is not presold (sold out).

Tickets for the Wednesday performance, held at the Cochise College Student Union Room, may be purchased prior to the performance that is not presold (sold out).

The Saturday daytime performance tickets are $10.00 for the day and sold at the door.  Correct change is appreciated.

Tickets will be for sale on the website around the first of November. Tickets purchased on line will be held at the Buena Performing Arts Center Ticket Office at the "will call" table.  Please note there is a PayPal service fee listed as “Mailing and Handling.” 

Tickets will be available at a number of other Sierra Vista, AZ area outlets starting the around December 15:

City of Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce
21 E. Wilcox Dr.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 458-6941

City of Sierra Vista Visitor Center
(Oscar Yrun Community Center)
3020 E. Tacoma St.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 417-6960

The Mall at Sierra Vista
2200 El Mercado Loop
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 452-0011

Spur Western Wear
2217 E. Fry Blvd
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 458-2262

2190 East Fry Blvd
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 459-4204

Please SUPPORT AND THANK these ticket sellers on our behalf:


Q: I am confused about the cost.  Is the $10.00 to attend any/all sessions on Saturday? What are the $20 tickets for?

A: The $10.00 is the admission fee for the Saturday day performances. The day sessions are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and feature all 40+ artists this year  

Each of the headline performances on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (7:00 pm), are $20.00 for general admission and $6.00 for students grade12 and under. The Sunday headline performance at 1:00 pm is $45.00 VIP, $30.00 advandce purchase general admission and $30.00 day of event general admission.


Q: I have heard about artist jam sessions. Do you have more information on this?

A: This year the artist jam sessions will be held at the Garden Place Suites. The jam sessions following the Friday and Saturday headliner performances are open to the public and free of charge. Your donations will be appreciated and used to offset production costs.

Q: How do I become a performer for the Gathering?

A: The Gathering does not accept applications from performers. Participation is by invitation only.  We require that one of the Gathering Committee Members and/or one of our artists recommend and sponsor a “new” artist/group for consideration.  We invite about 50 artists/groups (a mix of poets and musicians). Some perform at one of our Featured events.  The others participate in our school program and perform in the Saturday day sessions.


The Gathering is limited to those artists who perform Western music and poetry.  It is not open to those who

2015 Open Session Signup Rules Download

perform Country or Country-Western music.  Most performers are also ranchers and/or cowboys with experience in that life style. That does not necessarily preclude others from participating.

We have open sessions on Saturday (2 rooms with 7 sessions each).

Each 50 minute session is monitored by one of our participating artists.  Many artists come in to see what we do, and how we do it.  These open sessions provide us the opportunity to see new artists and observe how they are received by our audiences.  Prospective artists can sign up for these open sessions.  Sign-up is at 9:00 AM. The sessions start at 10:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM.

Download these rules if you are interested in participating in an open session:

Please send your contact information, a short bio (150-200 words), and a hi-resolution (minimum 300 dpi) photo to Gene Raymond (click on name or see Contacts in the top menu).  We will add your name to our artist database list. 

We have over 260 artists on the list and rotate them keep our audience interested and give new artists an opportunity.  Each year, about 30% of our performers will be coming for the first time. That always makes it tough at selection time!

Our artists say that our community extends a warm welcome to our artists,   They develop friends in our town and they look forward to coming back.

Thank you for your interest in the Gathering!